The Fifth English Song Festival

Come and enjoy a good time in family. This next october   11th at 19:00 p.m. we will celebrate our Fifth English Music Festival. This year the topic is film songs. There will be a lot of delicious food to enjoy.

Claudia Albornoz Morán, Buen Pastor School Principal invites you to the Fourth Internal English Music Festival, the theme of the Festival is the going to be next Friday 26th at 19:30 PM.

Your attendance in our Festival will be an  honor.

Best regards.

June Month Assistance Winner Course



On July 5, the touring theater company "La Feria" from the city of Valparaíso showed up at our establishment and is on a national tour with its work called "Los Colores", in which pre-basic level students participated. up to 5th basic years.

This  past  wednesday , june  20th   our  dear  school  was  the  headquarter  of the  third  spelling  bee  contest  which   had  many  participant  schools, such  as:  escuela  bruno  zavala,  colegio  cervantino, liceo  polivalente  el  palomar,  liceo  sagrado  corazón,  liceo  politécnico belén,  colegio  adventista,  liceo  josé  antonio  carvajal  and  buen  pastor  school. 

This next wednesday November 28th at 20:00 pm. Our school will carry out the sixth english music festival. This important event invites public and subsidized schools to be part of it. Schools such as liceo sagrado corazón, liceo josé antonio carvajal, liceo polivalente el palomar, escuela bernardo O´higgins, colegio cervantino and others.

Last Thursday 5th July, in our school, it  carried out the International Evaluation, Movers and KET tests rehearsal for 7th and 8th graders students.

The activity was in charged of The national examiner from Cambridge Chile, Sr. Jaime Correa Vera, who expressed our students are in good level for taking the test.

In a new version of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of our emblematic Good Shepherd School, there is a float tour with the different settings of the 22 courses from Pre Kindergarten to 8th grade. Thanks to the support of Carabineros de Chile it was possible to carry out the route without inconveniences. We emphasize the participation and commitment of the entire educational community.

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